Bungalows, tents

Staying in Safari camp will be an unforgettable experience for your family and friends

From May to the end of September you can watch African animals 24 hours a day, either directly from your accommodation or from the new TSAVO BAR.


What makes us an absolutely unique resort is the variety of accommodation with the possibility to enjoy African animals. We have cosy bungalows that you can stay at all year round. If you prefer more adventurous accommodation, luxury tents in the tree tops will be the right choice for you. For those who want to experience Africa as they do in Safari, we have classic African tents with breath-taking view of zebras, giraffes etc. You can also stay in your own tents or caravans.


When you feel tired after visiting the zoo, you can send children to the playground and relax by the pool or in the hot tub. You can also rent a grill and make your own BBQ with your family and friends.


2019-2020 NEWS

For the 2019-2020 season we have prepared a novelty concerning our caravan and tent spaces. Newly, we have divided 3 large areas in the Safari campsite into individual spaces each marked with a number. You can book a specific place – PLEK.


PLEK – colour green on our map (number 1-22) = 1 PLEK is for 1 caravan + a car or 1 tent + a car. Each space is about 3.5x10m. If you book a PLEK you have automatically water and electricity included.


TENT PLEK – colour brown on our map (number 69-76). There are 2-4 marked places in the middle of each section, which are only suitable for guests with their own tent. Each space is about 5,5 x 10 meters and is ready to be connected to water and electricity that are NOT included in price. The price of this space = the cost of a large tent, no matter how big the tent is. It is not possible to park your car in this kind of PLEK. Parking is available in front of the reception.


TENT ZONES – You can also book just a tent space in our TENT ZONE. In this zone is up to you where you put your tent. Parking is available in front of the reception, it’s not possible to park the car in the camp.