African & Lion Safari

You will walk among elk antelope, horse antelope, wildebeest, herds of zebra, wildebeest and watusi grazing on the vast meadows, see pelicans floating on the surface of the water reservoir or four ostriches. You won't miss a few male giraffes along the way.

Lion Safari and African Safari of Josef Vágner The Dvůr Králové Safari Park is divided into three parts - the classic walking part of the garden, the walking safari and the vehicle safari. The vehicle safari is referred to as Josef Wagner's African Safari and Lion Safari. Visitors who venture here will be treated to a ride of approximately 5.5 km.


African and Lion Safari is closed.

We look forward to your visit on 1st. May 2023

Afrika Truck

Take our Africa truck to the African and Lion Safari. The guided Africa truck ride is approximately 50 minutes long.


With our Safaribus you will visit the African Safari. The Safaribus route is approximately 20 minutes long.


Want to go on Safari and have a private one? You have the unique opportunity to go on Safari in your own car.

Offroad Safari

Do you want to have privacy while riding, but learn something at the same time? In this case, we recommend purchasing the Offroad safari experience program, where you will have a safari and an expert guide all to yourself.

Evening Safari

Discover the magic of the African twilight! Experience the atmosphere of an early evening ride amongst large herds of animals. Watch zebras, giraffes and antelopes in the glow of the setting sun.